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No candy banana or chemical taste here. This blend is all about true banana with cream notes, vanilla and a hint of just enough honey in the background. Specially created for our Australian customers since it’s their favorite treat, get a little taste of down under, here in America.


Honey's unique composition makes it useful as antioxidant and antimicrobial agent - antioxidants in honey, which have been shown to reduce oxidative stress that may be beneficial for diabetics.


Due to its ideal 1:1 ratio of fructose and glucose, researches suggest that honey may promote better blood sugar control in the liver.


Honey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.


Honey supports immunity.


Bananas contain a high dose of potassium that is an essential nutrient to keep your heart and nervous system in good shape. Also, this high potassium content minimizes the loss of calcium from the body and thereby reduces the risk of osteoporosis.


 Bananas have tryptophan that helps the body to produce serotonin - which has a calming effect on the brain.


 Bananas contains iron, which helps the body's hemoglobin function.


 Fiber in bananas helps maintain healthy, regular bowel movements.


 Bananas have a natural antacid effect in the body, reducing heartburns when consumed

Fun Facts

Nearly all bananas in the United States are imported from Central and South America and are available year-round.


The banana tree is not actually a tree; it is a large herb.


For centuries, honey was regarded as sacred due to its wonderful sweet properties and its rarity.


Honey produced in the summer by flower-fed bees is most likely to contain beneficial lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.



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