100% Fruit Smoothies

100% Fruit Smoothies

◌ Strawberry
◌ Blueberry Banana
◌ Mango Tropics
◌ Cherry Cranberry
◌ Banana
◌ Orange Tangerine
◌ Smooth Lime
◌ Lemonade
◌ Peach Pear Apricot
◌ Pineapple Paradise
◌ Forbidden Fruit
◌ Tropical Sunshine
◌ Acai Plus
◌ Strawberry Banana
◌ Red Apple Orchard
◌ Four Berry Blend


◌ Raz-Berry Blend

Veggie Blends

◌ Butternut Squash Mango & Veggies
◌ Carrot Orange Vegetable Medley


Small (16 oz)


Large (24 oz)


Kids (12 oz)


NutraBio Supplements For Your Smoothie

NutraBio Supplements For Your Smoothie

.75 per Scoop
or $1.00 for protein

Bringing Better Quality Smoothies and Supplements to Victoria TX

Where can you go for Smoothies and Supplements in Victoria TX?

Before February 1, 2016, that was a difficult question. But, from this point forward, we have your answer - Nutri-Fuel Smoothies is the place for great tasting 100% fruit smoothies.

We stand by our product and aim to supply Victoria with the highest quality smoothies and supplements. Let's be honest, real fruit tastes better, is better for you and leaves you feeling great!

You don't just have to take our word for it, come in and check out our collection. After reading the labels on a few of our supplements, you will quickly find that they have a way of including the stuff you want while leaving out all of the extras that other brands include.

We also carry accessories such as:

  • NutraBio apparel
  • Shaker cups
  • Nutri-Fuel apparel
  • Local apparel

There has never been a shop like this in Victoria. Stop in today for your 100% real fruit smoothie!